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Anne-Laure Decombeix
Postdoctoral Associate
Biodiversity Institute

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Haworth Hall

I am a postdoc working with Edith and Thomas Taylor on Paleozoic and Mesozoic fossil plants. I am particularly interested in the evolution of vegetative structures and in the interactions between fossil plants -especially trees- and their environment.

I joined the University of Kansas in 2008, after completing my PhD in Paleontology at Université Montpellier 2 in France. My doctoral work focused on the evolution of the tree habit in Devonian and Early Carboniferous progymnosperms and gymnosperms, with an emphasis on the diversity of these trees in Early Carboniferous localities of Europe and Australia.

My current research at KU focusses on plants from the Permian and Triassic of Antarctica. I am principally investigating the affinities and biology of the arborescent gymnosperms found in these high-latitude floras. Some of my recent and ongoing projects include the study of root development in glossopteridalean seed ferns, the description of Triassic trunks with preserved bark, and the investigation of sprouting behavior (production of epicormic shoots and root suckers) in Permian and Triassic trees.