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Benjamin Bomfleur
Postdoctoral Associate
Biodiversity Institute

Contact Information

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Haworth Hall

I am a post-doc in the research team of Edith and Thomas Taylor at the Division of Paleobotany. My primary research interests focus on the systematics, palaeophysiology, and palaeoecology of Mesozoic plants. Currently, I am studying enigmatic gymnosperm leaves and reproductive organs from the Triassic of East Antarctica.

In the course of my PhD studies I analysed Triassic and Jurassic plant fossil assemblages from the Transantarctic Mountains; I am particularly interested in exploring to what degree well-preserved plant fossils, such as plant cuticles and anatomically preserved material, enable us to reconstruct the environmental conditions under which the past Antarctic vegetation once flourished. As a geologist/palaeontologist, however, I am also interested in sedimentological and (palyno)stratigraphical questions.