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 I am a web software developer. My main focus is on front-end interaction and Drupal.




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From the Biodiversity Insitute blog

December 22, 2010
This past month I co-chaired a technical session at the national Geological Society of America conference in Denver. The session was entitled "Paleontology, Paleobiogeography, and Stratigraphy...
December 9, 2010
    Ornithology graduate student Michael Andersen and Curator Rob Moyle are presently in Fiji, carrying out their third sampling trip across the Fiji Archipelago. They are focusing...
November 30, 2010
When the cold winds of November tug the last leaves from the maples, basswoods, and elms, orchids probably are the farthest thing from most Kansans’ minds.  However, fall, winter, and...
November 29, 2010
  We finished our field clothing ‘try-on’ this afternoon and have been told to report tomorrow (Weds) at 7:00 am. for our flight to the Ice. Of course, we’ve also been told...
November 19, 2010
      Usually, your close relatives resemble you.  Or at least they have the same number of limbs. Not true, however, for Brachymeles lukbani, a species recently discovered by...
October 7, 2010
Taro Eldredge, a graduate student studying entomology at the Biodiversity Institute, was on a routine collecting trip within view of the University of Kansas campus when he came across an insect he...
September 22, 2010
Last week's NYTimes article about roadkill got us thinking about how roads change the way scientists do research.  Roads are in part a great research tool because they provide easy access to...
August 25, 2010
Caiman latirostris - a crocodile Some of our specimens, recently discussed in our post about specimens as snapshots in time, take on a unique role after entering the museum's collections. Certain...
August 19, 2010
    Last week, The New York Times put out an article on animal ugliness - how it affects which animals we like, which we have as pets, and ultimately which animals we spend most of our...
August 16, 2010
    Jonathan Coddington is the head of research and collections at the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History. He recently told National Public Radio's Guy Raz that the ...