Euteleost Tree of Life

Elucidating the phylogenetic relationships and character evolution of deep-sea lizardfishes and their allies (Euteleostei: Aulopiformes) are the goals of this study. Aulopiform fishes include some of the most bizarre deep-sea fishes, with members of the group exhibiting spectacularly diverse evolutionary adaptations. Currently there are no robust phylogenies of the Aulopiformes that utilize molecular data, and previous morphological studies of the group have resulted in conflicting interpretations of aulopiform evolutionary relationships. This study will produce a robust phylogenetic framework based on molecular and morphological data analsyes, and use this framework to trace the evolution of adaptations to deep-sea environments (e.g., telescopic eyes, bioluminescence, simultaneous hermaphroditism).

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    Status Complete
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    Edward Wiley
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    Nancy Holcroft Benson
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