National Science Foundation Announces Data Technology Milestone

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This week, the National Science Foundation announced that DataONE, the Data Observation Network for Earth, released technology capable of providing researchers access to globally distributed, networked data from a single point of access. 

The increasing volume of environmental and Earth science data, from historic observational field notes to recent remotely sensed data, is challenging scientists to locate and integrate pertinent information in a manner that addresses important questions. By providing a single search interface that queries data repositories distributed globally, DataOne can help scientists investigate and answer questions such as: How is the spread of invasive species affected by patterns of land use?  What factors predict the distribution of emergent infectious diseases, and what are the associated health risks?  Are climate models sufficiently predictive?  

DataONE enables scientists around the world to easily discover data wherever the data reside and to make their own data available for innovations over the long term. The Biodiversity Institute played a major role in designing, building and deploying the infrastructure for DataONE. 

Dave Vieglais of the BI is a co-investigator for the project and the director of development and operations for it. A distributed team of software engineers and architects designed, implemented and deployed DataONE.

“The services provided by DataONE are well aligned with the goals of the Biodiversity Institute," Vieglais said. "We expect there will be both content contributions to DataONE from the Biodiversity Institute, and significant opportunities for Biodiversity Institute researchers through increased availability of data relevant to biodiversity research." 

“It has been a privilege to work with such a dedicated team of engineers," he continued, "and really quite amazing to step back and review the design and implementation work that has gone into the underlying infrastructure of the DataONE federation in such a short period of time”

For more information, visit the National Science Foundation.

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