The Tree Who Walked Through Time

Saturday, August 9
1-3 pm
Dyche Hall

What kind of tree would you like to be? Join us hands-on activities and readings  from The Tree Who Walked Through Time - A Tree Identifications Story, by Maureen Carroll. Meet the author and some of the artists who illustrated this children's book.  Books and artwork will be available for purchase.

The Tree Who Walked Through Time includes tree illustrations both realistic and fantastic by artists Judy Graversen-Algaier, Loretta Hendricks Backus, Kris Barlow, Shelley Barnhill, Maureen Carroll, Jack Cleveland, Lisa Grossman, Stan Herd, Rachel McLaughlin, Paul Hotvedt, Steve Howard, Erok Johanssen, Cathy Martin, Samantha Nowak, Bobbie Powell, Ardys Ramberg, Sara L. Taliaferro and Libby Tempero.