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In June 2011, a team of eight University of Kansas students and two professors will participate in a unique interdisciplinary expedition to Peru. Unlike many Biodiversity Institute expeditions, this one brings together people from several backgrounds, among them entomology, ecology, English language history, journalism, graphic novels, and art. Join the group through this website as they learn field methods, experience the varied cultural landscape of Peru, and explore the Amazon rain forest at the Los Amigos Biological Research Station.




June 28, 2011
Why mosquitoes?  Of all the amazing and beautiful rain forest animals to study, why would anyone want to work with this lowly, annoying bug that drives us crazy while sitting on porches on summer evenings?  They spread disease, too.  Why would anyone want to mess with that? True.  Mosquitoes can spread disease. That is itself a reason to study them.  They have been responsible for countless deaths throughout the...

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Caroline Chaboo
Principle Investigator
Steve Goddard
Artistic Mentor
Thomas Hardy
Tom Radocy
Joe Jalinsky
Bethany Christiansen
Reed Niemack
Kelsey Murrell
Jeff Miller
Riley Wertenberger