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Sarah Gibson
Graduate Student
Vertebrate Paleontology
Biodiversity Institute

Contact Information

Office Phone: 
Dyche Hall


Current PhD student. Advisors: Hans-Peter Schultze and Paul Selden

M.S. — University of Kansas, 2012. Advisors: Hans-Peter Schultze and Bruce Lieberman
Thesis: Description of Semionotid Fishes (Neopterygii: Semionotiformes) from the Lower Triassic Chinle Formation in Lisbon Valley, Utah Geology Lawrence, KS

B.S. — Southern Utah University, 2006. Advisor: C. Frederick Lohrengel III
Geology, Summa Cum Laude, Cedar City, UT

A.S. — College of Eastern Utah, 2004. Advisor: Dr. Michelle C. Fleck
Geology Price, UT