Serphitid wasps in Early Cretaceous amber from Spain (Hymenoptera: Serphitidae).

Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
Refereed DesignationRefereed
AuthorsOrtega-Blanco J, Delclos X, Penalver E, Engel MS
JournalCretaceous Research
Start Page143
Date Published04/2011
Type of ArticleResearch Article
KeywordsAlbian, Amber, Basque Cantabrian Basin, Maestrat Basin, Proctotrupomorpha, Serphitoidea, taxonomy

The diversity of serphitid wasps (Proctotrupomorpha: Serphitoidea) in Early Cretaceous (Albian) amber from Spain is described. Four new species have been found representing the genera Serphites Brues 1937, Aposerphites Kozlov and Rasnitsyn 1979, and Microserphites Kozlov and Rasnitsyn 1979. From the Peñacerrada I (Moraza) outcrop two species are described as Aposerphites angustus Ortega-Blanco, Delclòs, Peñalver and Engel, new species and Serphites lamiak, new species. A single species was found at the San Just (Teruel) outcrop and is described as S. silban, new species. Another single specimen was found in El Soplao (Cantabria) outcrop, described as Microserphites soplaensis, new species. This last specimen is especially interesting in sharing typical serphitid and mymarommatoid characters, giving additional support to the apparent close relationship of both groups.