Conserving the High Plains Aquifer in Kansas: Are we making progress?
Wednesday, July 27th, 7:30 pm
Free State Brewing, Co  

The High Plains aquifer supports a thriving agricultural economy in western Kansas, but the large withdrawals have led to decades long declines, especially for the Ogallala portion.  Significant conservation is necessary for future water availability.  For this Science on Tap, join Susan Stover, geologist and outreach manager at the Kansas Geological Survey, for a discussion on conservation efforts underway and the barriers to change.


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Conserving the High Plains Aquifer in Kansas: Are we making progress?
7:30 pm Wednesday, July 27
Free State Brewing, Co 


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Adults, it's your turn to go on a field trip to the KU Natural History Museum. There's no bus, but there is a mimosa and brunch: welcome to Field Trip Science, starting in fall 2016. You'll have the chance to choose from the following field trip experiences, all of which are based on our hands-on school field trip programs offered to more than 3,000 K-12 students each year. Must be 21 to attend. Registration opens July 25; Call 785.864.4173 to register.

Field Trip Science: Cartoon Guide to Energy
11 am Sunday, August 21
$12 museum members; $15 non-members
What can falling anvils and exploding TNT tell us about how energy works in the cartoon and real worlds?  Using classic cartoon scenarios, explore how fundamental forces and properties of matter build a framework for thinking about energy across its different contexts.

Field Trip Science: DNA Discovery
11 am Sunday, Sept. 18
$12 museum members; $15 non-members
Curious about DNA?  Learn the basics of what it is and how it works by building a model, extracting your own DNA using everyday household items, and exploring simple inherited traits.

Field Trip Science: Mica, Marble, Magnetite
11 am Sunday, Oct. 16
$12 museum members; $15 non-members
Rock or mineral?  How can you tell mica from magnetite or granite from gneiss?  Learn the basics of minerals and rocks, identification techniques, and what they can tell us about the past environment of Kansas.