Alumni Profiles

Hanna Owens

2015 Biodiversity Institute Fellow Hannah Owens, PhD. '15, (pictured here in Mongolia), is headed to Florida. She has been awarded an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology and will study with Rob Guralnick at the Florida Museum of Natural History. The project is entitled "Out of the Tropics and Out of the Drawer: Integrative Analysis of the Tropical Diversity Gradient From Museum Collections of New World Swallowtail Butterflies." READ MORE

2015 Graduates

We congratulate the following graduate students who have defended successfully in spring 2015:

Joshua Schmerge, PhD. 
Vertebrate Paleontology
Advisor: Stephen Hasiotis
Dissertation title: Interpretation of Euhapsine (Castoridae: Palaeocastorinae) Burrowing Behaviors Based on the Functional Anatomy of the Teeth and Skull With a Description of a New Species and Genus

Narayani Barve, PhD. 
Biodiversity Modeling
Advisor: A. Townsend Peterson
Dissertation title:  Physiological constraints on geographic distribution of species
Hannah Owens, PhD. 

Advisor: A. Townsend Peterson
Dissertation title:  Modeling species distributions: applications and methods for marine biogeography and conservation

Vijay Barve, PhD.
Advisors: J. Christopher Brown and A. Townsend Peterson
Dissertation title: Discovering and Developing Primary Biodiversity Data from Social Networking Sites

Carla Harper, PhD. 
Advisor: Thomas N. Taylor
The diversity and interactions of fungi from the Paleozoic and Mesozoic of Antarctica

While studying at Universidad Nacional in his home country of Colombia, Victor Gonzalez, PhD. '08,  decided that if he wanted to study bees, he wanted to study bees in the best collection in the world, at KU.  An opportunity to teach a course beyond Biology 150 while he was a KU graduate student opened possibilities to other areas of study, from anthropology to evolutionary psychology to biogeography -- and eventually led to a career teaching anatomy at KU. READ MORE


At KU, Christopher Sheil, PhD. '03, learned from herpetologist Bill Duellman that to succeed, it's best to have a plan -- where you want to go, and how you will get there. It's advice he follows today as Professor and Graduate Coordinator, John Carroll University. READ MORE


For Elisa Bonaccorso, PhD. '07, graduate school inspired her  to confront new research challenges, apply for funds successfully, and, learn the importance of guiding students during the development of research projects, as well as other aspects of their professional life. READ MORE