Fear not, this isn’t the usual note penned to alumni.
No confetti.
No rah rah.
And no, we’re not asking for money.
Just a hearty, collegial welcome from the KU Biodiversity Institute and its Natural History Museum.

We are honored to welcome you formally as Biodiversity Institute Fellows. You are one of the many distinguished research scientists and teachers who developed your passion for biodiversity science in Dyche Hall, Haworth, Snow, Lindley,  Spooner, or the McGregor Herbarium. The Biodiversity Institute was your research home here at KU—where you hunkered down in the laboratory at all hours, lost yourself in the collections of animals and plants and fossils, and joined in the camaraderie of advisors, staff and fellow graduate students. You immersed yourself in myriad genes and species, in complex evolutionary patterns and processes, in analytical modeling and informatics, and in forecasting biodiversity phenomena. You helped make us a global leader in studying and stewarding the life of the planet.

As a Biodiversity Institute Fellow, you are part of an illustrious, international network—and our best ambassador. You can encourage an outstanding undergraduate student to consider graduate work in biodiversity science here at KU. You can advise us to recruit a particular student who will thrive here. You can suggest excellent candidates for the Institute’s Board of Advisors. You can alert us to open positions at your institution for our best and brightest senior graduate students. Finally, you can share your scientific and educational accomplishments with us to feature on the Biodiversity Institute website.

As a Fellow, we are also pleased to provide you with a one-year, complimentary membership in the Friends of the KU Natural History Museum, the public arm of the Institute. Membership includes free reciprocal admission to more than 300 science centers and museums worldwide.

We hope you will keep in touch: 

Tell us how your experiences at KU influenced your career and where your work has taken you.

Meet some of our newest graduates and fellow alumni.

Check out our recent research activities and advances.

And, sign up for your one year membership in the Friends of the KU Natural History Museum.



Leonard Krishtalka, director