Accessing the Collections



To schedule a visit, please contact one of the Curators in advance.  Include a statement of your research and the specific collections and/or archives for which you are requesting access. We have limited lab space available for visiting researchers who have scheduled a visit.


Loans serve to broaden access to the collections and encourage additional research.  The Archaeology Division makes loan to institutions only, not to individuals.  Students wishing to borrow a collection must do so through their academic advisor. Non-digital archival materials cannot be loaned and must be used on site. Requests for loans must be made to one of the Curators (either via email or letter) and must include a research statement and importance of the collection in advancing the research.  The Curators will determine if the collection can be loaned or if its scientific value or fragile nature prohibits transport.  Artifacts may not be altered or modified in any way without permission from the Curators.  Alterations include, but are not limited to, repairing or cross-mending, coating for photography, sampling of visible residue, breakage to determine ceramic tempering, and submission of materials for sourcing.

Eastern US

Loans are made for a specific amount of time, usually not in excess of one year.  Permanent or indefinite loans are not made.  For out-going exhibition loans, the borrowing institution’s standard facility report is required.

Destructive Analysis

Requests to conduct destructive analysis require the submission of a detailed research proposal, stating the proposed sampling methodology, the artifacts to be sampled and the qualifications of the person making the request.  The Curators will evaluate all requests to determine if the collection is healthy enough to warrant the destructive analysis.