Biodiversity Exhibit Scavenger Hunt

KU Biodiversity Exhibit - east side

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth, from tiny beetles to big bears and every other living thing. Museum scientists study biodiversity across all seven continents, and our research collections are home to over 9 million plant, animal and fossil specimens.

The Explore Biodiversity exhibit on the museum's sixth floor displays more than 520 different specimens (including whole and, sometimes, parts) from our collections to show how living things are similar and different from each other.

Use this Scavenger Hunt Checklist and the following PDF images of the East and West views of the exhibit to search at home.
East View image 1 / East View image 2 / East View image 3 / East View image 4
West View image 1 / West View image 2 / West View image 3 / West View image 4

As you explore, compare things (such as feet, beaks) and think about what they might tell you about where something lives or what it eats, and how they are similar and different to you.

Do the list in any order, complete as many or few as you want. 

There are over 20 vulnerable, threatened, protected and endangered species in the exhibit. How many can you find?
Use our Endangered Species List to get started.