Chris Hensz

Graduate Student
Dyche Hall

Chris is a theoretical ecology student interested in migratory species, climate change, and applied modeling.  


I study the relationship between environment and route choice in migratory seabirds. I use tracking and remote sensing data to determine which environments influence migration timing and direction and how these might change in the future.


Owens, H.L., L.P. Campbell, L.L. Dornak Saupe, E.E. Saupe, N. Barve, J. Soberón, K. Ingenloff, A. Lira-Noriega, C. M. Hensz, C.E. Myers, and A. T. Peterson. “Constraints on Interpretation of Ecological Niche Models by Limited Environmental Ranges on Calibration Areas.“ Ecological Modelling 263 (2013) 10-18.

Saupe, E. E., V. Barve, C. E. Myers, J. Soberón, N. Barve, C. M. Hensz, A. T. Peterson, H. L. Owens, and A. Lira-Noriega. "Variation in niche and distribution model performance: The need for a priori assessment of key causal factors." Ecological Modelling 237 (2012): 11-22.


Washington State University, B.S. – Biology: Evolution and Ecology, 2010, Graduated Magna Cum Laude


Science Policy Internship at the Convention on Migratory Species. Panorama Small Grant Program. $1500. 1/12/14-4/28/14.


C-CHANGE IGERT Fellowship. NSF. $60,000. 24 mo. 05/15/2011-05/15/2013

Professional Presentations: 

Estimating Migration Resistance: a Case Study of Greenlandic Arctic Terns. Ecological Society of America 98th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota. August 2012, Contributed oral presentation.