Greenland Wrap-Up

Friday, June 11, 2010
Hannah Owens


And so, a scant 10 days after it began, my Greenlandic adventure is at an end. I got to experience big polar science, witness the first suggestions of climate change in the form of retreating glaciers and early mosquito and flower emergence, and eat some delicious whale and cured fishes of many sorts.

Three highlights:

Camping near the ice edge.
Talking arctic science with grad students from other universities.
The Søndrestrom Incoherent Scatter Radar Facility.

Three things I still can’t wrap my head around:

I met the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark.
The ice sheet is huge. Really, really huge.
I went to Greenland?!

It was a fun trip, both too short and just long enough. Until my next adventure, kasuuta and taku! —Hannah