About the Herbarium

The herbarium houses approximately 400,000 plant specimens comprising exsiccatae, fungi, and seed-, boxed, and fluid-preserved specimens. Sixty-five percent of the collection represents the flora of the grassland biome of central North America. While the focus of the Herbarium is Great Plains flora, we also collect, and accession into the collection, specimens from other areas of North America and the world.

The herbarium also houses a library of 1,400 books and 14,000 scientific articles, and a collection of 30,000 photographic slides.

The study and care of the herbarium’s holdings is accomplished because the herbarium’s staff has knowledge not only of plant systematics, ecology, and morphology, but also of collection care and management.

Our mission and policies are in keeping with the mission of the KU Biodiversity Institute, namely, to study the life of the planet for the benefit of the earth and its inhabitants.