Discovery Day: Amazing Adaptations

Discovery Day: Amazing Adaptations

Sun., March 28
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Every habitat on our planet is home to different animals and plants uniquely adapted to live there. Join us for a day of investigating the amazing adaptations of organisms around the world!  We’ll have special presentations for all ages, with scientists and students from the KU Biodiversity Institute and Natural History Museum, plus some fantastic community partners!


10:00am - Welcome & Insect Eye Adaptations with museum Outreach & Engagement Coordinator Eleanor Gardner
Activity: Fly Eye Glasses

10:30am - Jellyfish Venom Adaptations with KU graduate student Anna Klompen

11:00am - Terrific Tapeworm Adaptations with KU graduate student Kaylee Herzog
Activity: Make Your Own Magnification Tool

11:30am - Exploring Amazing Adaptations in the KU Herpetology Collection with Curator Rich Glor

12:00pm - Endangered Hellbender Salamanders with Postdoctoral Researcher Paul Hime

12:30pm - Incredible Insect Adaptations with KU graduate student Rachel Neff
Activity: DIY Spraying Bombardier Beetle

1:00pm - Fantastic Fish Adaptations with KU Ichthyology Collection Manager Andy Bentley

1:30pm - Coelacanth Characteristics & Connect-the-Dots with KU student and museum employee Joy Chowdhury

2:00pm - Forelimb Adaptations with Associate Director of Museum Public Programs Teresa MacDonald
Activities: Clasp like a Chameleon; Act like an Aye-Aye

2:30pm - Investigating the Chameleon's Color-Changing Skin with KU students and museum employees Anna Bolinger & Prakriti Anikode
Activity: Color-Changing Chameleon

3:00pm - Marvelous Mammalian Adaptations with KU undergraduate and Curatorial Assistant Colleen Buchanan

3:30pm - Fascinating Lichen Adaptations with KU Botany Collection Manager Caleb Morse
Activity: Craft Your Own Lichen

4:00pm - Awesome Adaptations of the Ornate Box Turtle from the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center

4:15pm - Outstanding Owl Adaptations with Prairie Park Nature Center