Prolific Researcher Uses KU Entomology Collection to Describe Dozens of New Insects

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Photo by Dan Bennett

Dr. Volker Puthz, a longtime collaborator of the KU Entomology division, has previously described more than 100 staphylinid species using KU's entomology collections, and he recently published his largest work yet.  In  "On the New World species of Megalopinus," he describes 205 new species of staphylinids, or Rove beetles, of which approximately 160 descriptions were based on KU specimens.

The beetles are visual predators on the underside of logs with fungus. KU has the world's best collection due to the routine use of an unusual collection method: pyrethrin fogging. The late Steve Ashe (and his staff/students) used the techinque extensively on his expeditions, building an amazing collection of what otherwise would be rarely encountered beetles.

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