Alvarado Mabel

Mabel Alvarado

Graduate Student
Public Safety Building

My research is concentrated in the hyperdiverse family Ichneumonidae. These wasps are a significant component of virtually all natural and agricultural ecosystems, and are vital to regulating the populations of their hosts. Despite this vital utility in sustainably agriculture as well as for maintaining healthy natural ecosystems, the biological diversity of this group remains one of the least understood throughout South America. It is becoming increasingly clear that the fauna of Ichneumonidae is diverse in the Neotropics, with merely a fraction of this diversity documented.

I have mostly worked in Peru, where I expect that less than 10% of the fauna is currently documented. The aim of my research is to document the diversity of Ichneumonidae in the Neotropical region; with an extended data set and geographical representation, I will have a better understanding of their evolutionary patterns, as well as ecological preferences and host associations

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