KU Common Book in Context: Herpetology in Haiti

KU Common Book in Context: Herpetology in Haiti with Dr. Rich Glor

Tuesday, March 26
The Commons, Spooner Hall

Two recurring themes in this year’s KU Common Book, Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work, by Edwidge Danticat, are: the connection between species and climate, and the vulnerability that accompanies interdependence. Danticat examines the precarious balance between humans and the living Earth they inhabit as she questions the ways in which those who are most vulnerable to natural conditions see and experience oncoming danger first. This discussion leads to implications of wealth and security, as well as borders created to divide humans. It also extends to a broader perspective on the natural environments that we and other species inhabit.

Thirty years ago, exploring a pristine stream under a canopy of enormous trees, scientists recorded one of the world’s most spectacular lizards — a spindly-legged species found only on and around waterfalls. Today, the stream is dry, the trees are gone, and the fate of the lizards is unknown. 

At this event, we will share images and accounts of first-hand experiences with this species and other reptiles found only in Haiti and we will consider the larger context of species distribution.