Summer Camp Testimonials

Summer camps

We welcome area children to the KU Natural History Museum every year for our intensive science summer day camps. We are proud to offer these camps, which consistently receive high praise.

“Awesome X2. Go there now.” —Abby & Christopher, aged 8 and 10, Geology Explorations

“It was like the coolest thing in the world. I loved it better than Disney World!!!” —Max, aged 9, Dinosaur Detectives

“It’s fun, learned a lot, more science which was fun.” —Jesse, aged 8, Geology Explorations

“Cool experiences, investigated whole crime.” —Ben & Hanna, aged 9 and 11, Forensic Fun

“Awesome because it is so interesting and you learn fun facts.” —Bella, aged 10, Space Odyssey

“It’s fun, you should go!” —Victor, aged 10, Space Odyssey

“This camp was good because it goes deeper than we do at school.”  —Anthony, aged 8, Sea Science

“Really, really, really should get Mom to let them do it.” —Andrew & Matthew, aged 8 and 10, Space Odyssey

“Excellent.” —Elijah, aged 8, Forensic Fun

“It was fun doing experiments.” —Abby, aged 8, Forensic Fun

“All about science - even if you don’t like it, it’s science in a fun way.” —Olivia, aged 8, Forensic Fun

“It’s quite an experience.  Lots of fun.  And you discover new things.” —Emma, aged 9, Forensic Fun

“Very awesome & fun.” —Wesley, aged 9, Dinosaur Detectives

“It was awesome, I’d like to go every year.” —Alexis, aged 10, Aquatic Biology

“IT WAS AWESOME.” —Amaya & Grace, aged 10 and 11, Forensic Fun

“Sea Science was great!” —Ash, aged 8, Sea Science

"It was awesome, really cool and fun, got to dissect a squid." —Andrew, aged 8, Sea Science

“Fun!  Cool!  Awesome!  Great!” —Ryan, Carson, Corwin & Creighton, aged 8 and 11, Science-PALOOZA

“It’s very cool and I learned a lot.” —Aaron, aged 9, Science-PALOOZA

“Awesome. Cool.” —Dylan, aged 10, Science-PALOOZA

“Fun!  Cool!  Awesome!  Great!” —Caroline & Claire, aged 10 and 8, Science-PALOOZA

“It was really cool.  It is awesome & you should come here with me.  I really liked it!” —Hutton & Ethan, aged 9, Dinosaur Detectives

“You should go and it is the best camp in the world.” —Caroline, aged 9, Dinosaur Detectives

“Best thing ever.” —Georgia, aged 8, Sea Science

“It was really fun & you get to get dirty.” —Lucia, aged 9, Aquatic Biology

“It’s awesome!” —Griffin & Jackson, aged 9 and 10, Aquatic Biology