Corporate Support

Visitors looking at inscect display

The KU Natural History Museum brings the natural world into focus for over 60,000 people annually through its exhibits and programs. Financial support from corporations, foundations and small businesses helps make this broad impact and unmatched visitor experience possible by underwriting the costs of exhibit development and programs for children, adults and families. Not only does your corporate sponsorship support and help provide a stable financial future for the Natural History Museum and its programs, it also demonstrates your commitment to quality of life and exemplary education in the communities you serve.

Your support of the museum allows us to:

  • Provide education to Douglas County students and 15 other regional county school systems, helping meet state curriculum requirements in the sciences and natural history.
  • Sustain public outreach programs such as Science Saturdays, which provide hands-on activities monthly for children and families to learn about a particular topic.
  • Fund adult education programs such as Collection Conversations and Science on Tap.  These programs offer access to the science information and research going on within the institution and provide forums for public discussion.
  • Maintain our exhibits and create new means of sharing the natural world with visitors.

Corporate partners receive recognition for their support of the museum in a variety of ways. These may include advertising and promotion associated with events, listings in our publications and through our web site, and opportunities for staff to become more involved in the museum’s collections and activities. For our most outstanding business partners, benefits also include behind-the-scenes tours and a dinner and dialog with the director. Please call us at 785.864.4540 to discuss business partnerships with the museum. We look forward to working with you.