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Support from donors like you comes at the most important time in human history for research and education at natural history museums. Natural history museums are the stewards of information about life on the planet. Our collections are the foundation for global biodiversity research.

Our researchers study and document Earth’s fantastic diversity: its plants, animals and ecosystems, many of which are threatened or endangered. In addition, we train generations of students in the science of advancing this knowledge. The research these students and scientists pursue is the springboard for the museum’s exhibits, education and outreach programs.

The museum invites you to join its efforts by making a contribution. Every gift — small or large — makes a difference. Plus, your gift of $60 or more will qualify you for the benefits of membership in the Friends of the KU Natural History Museum.

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You can give by credit card through KU Endowment (a separate, secure site). You also may make a contribution by calling us at 785.864.2344.

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