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The Panorama

At a time when most natural history exhibits displayed animals posed alone, the naturalist and explorer Lewis Lindsay Dyche created a dramatic diorama of wolves tearing apart a carcass and moose in battle. Part art and part science, this one-of-a-kind display at the Columbian Exposition in 1893 brought Kansas world-wide attention. Now housed at the KU Natural History Museum, the exhibit represents the university's earliest efforts to document and understand the life of the planet — research that continues today through the KU Biodiversity Institute.

Dyche's panorama still awes visitors to the museum, but it also shows the effects of age, ultraviolet light, humidity and dust. In fall 2012, Kent and Janet Martin McKinney established the KU Natural History Museum Panorama Challenge Fund to spearhead an effort to clean, evaluate and begin conservation of the exhibition. To date, the effort has raised more than $110,000, and paved the way to hire a conservator to conduct a conservation assessment in spring of 2014.

Together with Kent and Janet, the museum urges enthusiasts of this national treasure to help us raise funds for its preservation. You can give online today through KU Endowment.