Don’t forget the keys!

Monday, March 30, 2009
Cameron Siler

Finally back in Manila you would think the bad luck would have stayed in the Visayan (central) Islands. Just so you all know, if you plan on joining a friend outside your apartment after midnight while he smokes a cigarette, remember to bring the keys to your apartment because some apartment doors lock on their own when shut. Oh yeah, and wear more than just your boxers. Jason and I had an enjoyable time debating on whether we would have to break into our own apartment, walk down the street in our underwear to stay at a pension house until morning, or sit outside for the rest of the night. The landlord of my apartment just happened to be out of town, and our chances for securing her spare key seemed bleak. We eventually were able to get one of the nanny’s to locate the spare key for us and made it back into our apartment before sunrise. The experience was just a little embarrassing.