The KU Reptile Collection

Our collection of more than 103,000 lizards is especially strong in anoles from the West Indies and South and Central America and particularly the invasive Anolis sagrei in southeastern USA (2248 specimens). Skinks and geckos are well represented from Southeast Asia, especially Philippines. Also, there are significant collections of Ameiva from throughout the range of genus and Sceloporus from southwestern USA and Mexico.

There are about 36,500 specimens of snakes in the collection; more than 27,000 of these are colubrids, which are best represented by Nerodia sipedon (1992 specimens), Diadophis punctatus (1971 specimens) and Thamnophis sirtalis (1124 specimens); however, the greatest number of specimens (2764) of any given species of snake is Typhlops pusillus from the West Indies. Still there are slightly fewer typhlopids (3824) than viperids (3488), which are best represented by Agkistrodon contortrix (714 specimens) and Crotalus viridis (333 specimens).

The amphisbaenian collection consists of more than 2200 specimens, most of which are Amphisbaenidae from the West Indies.  The most numerous species in the collection are Amphisbaena manni (1181 specimens) and Amphisbaena govanensis (411 specimens).