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Please see the monthly blog "Macroevolutionaries" by division senior curator Bruce S. Lieberman and Niles Eldredge, curator emeritus of the American Museum of Natural History: 


The latest "Macroevolutionaries" blog post is now available: "Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle, Times Square: Stephen Jay Gould and a Critique of a Critique of a Critique of Pure Reason"

Here are earlier blog posts on:

"What's your favorite trilobite? Walter Winchell wouldn't have cared"

 "Of cultural nationalism, Hamlet and the Cloaca Universalis"

"When is a raptor a parrot? The curious case of the American Kestrel"

"Asleep at the switch: Paleontological life lessons, stasis, and the genius of Yogi Berra"

A former division superstar as well as a specimen in the division collected by him: "Paleo Personas: Musings on a Soviet cephalopod, Norman Newell, and mass extinctions"

And our first blog post: "Survival of the laziest: Does evolution permit naps?"

News Items


Click here to read an excellent interview of post-doc Rhi on paleontology and trilobites!


Our collections manager Natalia gave an amazing talk on the paleobiology of brachiopods.  Click here to watch the video!


Curator Bruce's paper with former graduate student Steven Byrum on phylogenetic and biogeographic patterns in Cretaceous spatangoid echinoids was just published in the Journal of Paleontology.  Click here to read.


The Digital Atlas of Ancient Life App developed as part of our NSF "PALEONICHES" and "Cretaceous World" grants was named the "Best Fossil Identification App" by the Wall Street Journal!  Check out:


Our curator Bruce appeared on the the podcast Cosmic Controversy:  Click here to listen.  


Curator Bruce's paper with former post-doc and current research associate Luke Strotz on the patterns and processes of paleocommunity stability through time was just published in Paleobiology.  Click here to read.


Curator Bruce's paper with former post-doc Michelle Casey and former graduate student Erin Saupe on the relative contributions of geographic range size and abundance to extinction resistance was just published in Paleobiology.  Click here to read.


Welcome to Dr. Natalia Lopez Carranza who has just started as our new collections manager!  We are very excited to have her here.


Welcome to Dr. Rhiannon LaVine who has just started as an NIH IRACDA post-doc!  We are very excited to have her here.


Interested in learning more about fossils and where to find them?  Check out the new version of the Digital Atlas of Ancient Life App which is now available for iPhone and Android.  See: .



Want to learn more or teach about evolution and macroevolution?  Check out the new open access chapter "Evolution and the Fossil Record", part of the Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life, by Jonathan Hendricks and Bruce S. Lieberman: .



Congratulations to Julie Taylor who successfully completed her Masters degree!



Congratulations to Steven Byrum who successfully completed his Masters degree!

Steven is now working at the University of Florida as a PhD student studying fossil and modern sharks.  


New paper on biogeography and macroevolution of late Paleozoic cephalopods using GIS published in PeerJ: 



New paper on possible early Cambrian sponge larvae from south China published in Journal of Paleontology: 



New paper on the Spence Shale soft-bodied biota published in Journal of the Geological Society of London: 



Steven Byrum presenting his poster on the phylogeny and biogeography of spatangoid echinoids from the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway, at the Geological Society of America sectional meeting in Manhattan, KS.



Congratulations to former division post-doc Luke Strotz!  He has started his fellowship as a 1,000 Talents Scholar based at Northwest University in Xi'an China.



Please see the new blog post by division graduate student Julie Taylor describing her undergraduate thesis research that was recently published in the journal Evolution​ 



New paper on the enigmatic deuterostome Herpetogaster published in Geological Magazine:


New Paper on the Red Queen Hypothesis published in Biology Letters


New paper on the enigmatic Cambrian stalked filter feeder Siphusauctum published in Journal of Paleontology


Congratulations to Kayla Kolis who successfully completed her Masters degree.



New paper on Cambrian Disc-shaped fossils published in PeerJ