Collection Policies KUMIP specimens are available for scientific study to researchers visiting the collection and via loans to accredited institutions. Students wishing to borrow material must do so through their graduate advisor. Approval of all loan requests is at the discretion of the Curator.


Loan Requests

Requests for loans must be in writing from an official staff member of the institution where the specimens will be stored and should be addressed to the Curator or Collection Manager. The request should include: 1) the name and status of the researcher for whom the loan is requested; 2) the nature of the study; and 3) the taxa requested, including specimen numbers if known.

Specimen Alteration

Specimens may not be altered in any way without permission from the Curator or Collection Manager. Alteration includes preparation, coating for photography, repairing, molding and sampling. If permission is granted, specimens must be properly photographed before preparation. All preparations, fragments and photographs of the specimen prior to preparation must be returned with the specimen.

Specimen Catalogue numbers 

Catalogue numbers are assigned to individual specimens. If a new specimen number is required notify the collection manager.


Loan Duration

Loans from the general collection are made for a one-year period, unless otherwise specified. A loan may be extended upon request from the borrower. All loan extensions are subject to approval by the Curator.

Return of Material

Pack the specimens carefully (as they were received) and note any change in their condition. Types must be sent by registered mail or the equivalent.


Use the “KUMIP” prefix when citing specimens from the KUMIP collections. Please send a copy of any publications in which KUMIP specimens are cited to the Collection Manager.

Access to Collections

To arrange a research visit or tour of the collection please contact the Senior Curator ( or the Collection Manager (TBA). We do have limited workspace available for qualified visiting researchers.

Collection Storage

The bulk of the KUMIP collections are housed at our large west campus collections space in room 190, Public Safety Building (PSB). Our type and figured specimens and division offices are located in room 8, Lindley Hall on the main KU campus. All specimens in the KUMIP collections are housed in state of the art steel cabinets with either steel or wooden drawers. Type and figured specimens are stored in acid-free cardboard specimens trays or plastic jewel box cases depending on size. We are currently replacing older non-archival specimen trays with acid-free trays in portions of the general collection.