NSF Grant to Increase Availability of Invertebrate Data

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Diplurid spider, Cretaceous era, Brazil

The National Science Foundation has granted $1.5 million for a KU project that will bring greater access to the extensive data contained in The Treatise  on Invertebrate Paleontology.

The Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, founded in 1948 by an international consortium of paleontological societies, is considered to be the most authoritative compilation of data on invertebrate fossils. The Treatise has applications in many areas, such as understanding evolution and the study of climate change.

The grant will make the vast repository of paleontological data in the Treatise available in electronic form for current and future scientists, and the public. The grant will also help develop computational tools for analyzing, modeling, and visualizing paleontological data.

The "knowledgebase" created using the grant is expected to open transformational opportunities in scientific discovery to help understand the complexity of nature. In addition to scientific applications, a planned website will enable anyone to explore fossils online.

Grant details:

Title: “Computational Methods to Enable an Invertebrate Paleontology Knowledgebase”
Lead Investigator: Xuewen Chen
CO-PIs: Paul Selden, Brian Potetz, Luke Huan and Bo Luo
Amount: $1.5 million over 4 years.

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