Museum Launches Adopt-a-Specimen Program

Thursday, March 1, 2012

KU’s Biodiversity Institute holds 10.2 million specimens of animals, plants fossil material, and archaeological artifacts collected in Douglas County and across seven continents over 140 years -- and now the Natural History Museum is looking for people to adopt them.  

The museum has launched Adopt-a-Specimen, a program that encourages individuals, families and organizations to "adopt" a specimen of their choice. Gifts through the program help maintain the musuem's education programs, exhibits and scientific collections, which work together to bring Biodiversity Institute research to the public.

The program is paired with a larger effort to introduce the public to the collections, which are spread across seven buildings at the University of Kansas. The museum offers quarterly tours of the collections, focusing on a new group each quarter.

The museum's exhibits only display about 1 percent of the entire collections, so many people don't get the chance to see the specimens scientists and students use for their research.

For more information about the program, please visit the Adopt-a-Specimen program page or call us at 785.550.2344.

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