Intersection of Art and Science is focus of new museum collaboration

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Science and art converge in a new collaboration between the Spencer Museum of Art and the KU Natural History Museum. The venture is comprised of events, ideas and new ways of looking at exhibit and education opportunities at the two University of Kansas Museums.

On April 6th, the Spencer and the Natural History Museum will host an event focused on optical illusions — the science behind them, and what makes optical illusions so visually intriguing. The event includes activities at both museums, which are located within walking distance of each other.

The collaboration also highlights the fluid boundaries between art and science at both museums. At the KU Natural History Museum, several exhibits developed in the past year have focused on presenting specimens as art. They include the “Faces of Parasites,” a large installation of four colorized electron microscope images of parasites, as well as “Macro/Micro,” a photography exhibit of specimens by photographer Brian Goodman.

In addition to events, the collaboration is supported by advertising, including a new billboard on I-70 and through social media. It continues a long history of collaborations between the two organizations, including previous joint exhibitions, support for the Commons at KU, and an annual Halloween-themed event.

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