New Websites Highlight Biodiversity Research

Friday, July 23, 2010

New website

The Biodiversity Institute has a new home on the web and a new site for the institute's Natural History Museum.

Prominent on the institute's new web site,, are the research, collections and discoveries of its scientists and graduate students who explore and document the life of the planet.

Through the site researchers worldwide will have immediate access to the biodiversity data associated with the institute's millions of research specimens of animals and plants as well as analytical tools. Blog posts from researchers on expeditions and highlighting research are among the new features.

The site for the KU Natural History Museum,, is tailored to actual and virtual visitors and includes information about the museum's exhibit, education and outreach programs. Feature articles and videos highlight the history, diversity and conservation of Earth's plants, animals and ecosystems.

Revamped websites for the Biodiversity Institute's research divisions, such as mammalogy, herpetology and botany, are also in development.

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