Moai Statues

The archaeological archives contain paper documents such as manuscripts, field notes, correspondence, proposals and preparatory work; large-scale drawings and maps; black and white photographs, negatives, and color slides; audio tapes; and digital files.  These archives are directly related to the archaeological artifacts, making the collections truly systematic.  Currently available Finding Aids are provided with the Highlighted Collections. As resources permit, additional Finding Aids will be created to provide a summary of the available archives for each archaeological project.

Pekia, Test 4, South Wall




The Archaeology Division occasionally curates archival materials from a project directed by KU faculty or staff, but where the artifacts are curated at another institution.   Finding Aids for these materials will also be prepared as resources permit.  At this time, Finding Aids are available for the 1955 -56 Norwegian Archaeological Expedition to Rapa Nui (Easter Island)  (Series 1) and the 1963-64 Expedition to the Marquesas (Series 2) and are provided below.


Guide to the South Pacific Collection (pdf)