Richard E. Glor, Curator

Richard E. Glor joined KU Herpetology as an Associate Curator in the Fall of 2013. Glor's interest in herpetology extends to his earliest memories. Glor received early training in herpetology in the Education Department of the Buffalo Zoo. He went on to earn his Bachelors degree at Cornell University, where he was active in the Cornell Herpetological Society and completed an honors thesis under the direction of Kraig Adler and Thomas Eisner. Glor completed his PhD on Species Diversification in Anolis Lizards at Washington University's Department of Biology under the direction of Profs. Jonathan Losos and Alan Larson. For his postdoctoral research, Glor joined the Center for Population Biology at UC Davis, where he was based in the laboratory of H. Bradley Shaffer.