2011 Summer Field Expeditions

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mark Robbins — collections of wrens and other taxa across Nebraska and the northern Great Plains
Lynnette Dornak — censuses of Henslow's Sparrows across the eastern United States
Jaime Castro (Mexican student associate) — collections in Botswana with a team from Texas Tech University), planned for August
Town Peterson, Walter Wehtje (Research Associate), and Diego Roldan (Mexican student associate) — collections in western Mongolia with a team from the University of Nebraska
Robin Jones, Carl Oliveros, and Pete Hosner — collections at several sites in the northern part of the Philippines
Rob Moyle — collections in Bornean Malaysia with colleagues from Louisiana State University
Rob Moyle — exploring collaborations and permit arrangements in the Solomon Islands
Mike Andersen — collections in the Fiji Archipelago, including the remote Lau Islands.

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