Jack Hruska

Graduate student
Dyche Hall

Jack is an evolutionary biologist interested in patterns of avian diversification, evolutionary history, and biogeography.


2. Dzielski, Sarah A., Van Dore, B.M., Hruska, J. P., Hite, J.M. (2016). Reproductive biology of the Sapayoa (Sapayoa aenigma), the 'Old World suboscine' of the New World. The Auk 133:3 347-363. 

1. Pegan, T., Hruska, J., Hite J. (2013). A newly described call and mechanical noise produced by the Black-and-crimson Pitta (Pitta ussheri). Forktail. 29 



B.Sc. Biology, Cornell University, 2013


Ivy Expeditions Grant, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, $ 14,800, June 2014.


Ecology and the Environment, Cornell University, Personal Tutor, 2012.

Professional Presentations: 

J. Hruska., S. Dzielski., & B. Van Doren. Resolving an avian enigma: natural history and ecology of the Sapayoa.  American Ornithologist Union Conference.  29 July 2015. Norman, Oklahoma. Poster Presentation. 

Major Field Experience: 
New York, 8 weeks, 2010, 2011, 2013
Sabah, Malaysia, 5 weeks, 2012
Darién, Panamá, 5 weeks, 2014
Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, 6 weeks, 2014
Carazo, Nicaragua, 2 weeks, 2014
Panamá, Panamá, 4 weeks, 2015
Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua, 3 weeks, 2016