Prospective Students

Joining the lab

I am currently looking for motivated, mature, and hard-working students to join our lab.  Prospective students should read some recent papers from the lab to see if our research is a good fit to their interests.  If what you see in those papers piques your interest, then email me detailing your research interests and why you would like to join my lab. Please include a CV and a brief description of your experience and interests. Additionally, indicate if you are interested in joining the lab as a PhD or MS student. Although my research currently focuses in SE Asia and the Pacific, students are not restricted to this geographic location and are encouraged to develop their own ideas. Check out current and former graduate students that I have sponsored to gain an idea of the types of research undertaken in my lab.  

Considering the type of work we do, the following skills/abilities/interests are particularly imporant for success in our research field:

  • Self-motivation
  • Bird specimen preparation
  • Foreign field work
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Basic scripting (R, python, etc.)
  • Drive to ask questions about evolutionary biology