Join the Lab

The Peterson Research Group is highly international, indeed global. This map indicates the places of origin of students, postdoctoral researchers, lab visitors, and Peterson colleagues around the world:



Interested and motivated undergraduate students are always welcome in the Peterson Research Group. Undergraduates work in tandem either with Town Peterson or with one of his graduate students, developing an individual research project. The usual goal is a full research publication, in which the undergraduate student participates as a full partner. Undergraduate students can work in the research group as part of a formal Independent Study through the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, or not, as is best for the logistics and finances of the student.

Graduate Students

Town Peterson has a rather large group of graduate students with quite-broad interests, ranging from systematic ornithology to evolutionary biology to distributional ecology to disease risk mapping. His students are generally studying at the doctoral level, but some enter as masters students. Students can enter the research group via the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology or the Department of Geography of the University of Kansas. Potential students wishing to join the group will ideally secure external funding to support their studies, but in-house support is at times available as well.

Post-doctoral researchers

Most postdoctoral researchers who join the Peterson Research Group come to the lab with funding in hand to support their stay, although occasional opportunities arise for funding from within the research group. An exciting new opportunity is a postdoctoral position in molecular systematics in the KU Biodiversity Institute, which will be competed at intervals.