School Program Testimonials

Girl with bat ears

We welcome thousands of area schoolchildren and teachers to the KU Natural History Museum every year for our hands-on education programs. We are proud to offer these programs, which consistently receive high praise from students and teachers.

“Children told me that this trip is better than the circus. We try to come every year.  We are always pleased and learn so much about mammals and fossils.” —Starside Elementary, 1st grade

“Awesome!  Awesome!” —Pauline Central Primary, 2nd grade, Dinosaur Discovery

“Very interactive! Enjoyable for both students and adults! Super job!!!” 

—Rochester Elementary, 2nd grade, Fossil Fun

“Excellent rapport with students as well as highly informative! Hands-on science is an excellent technique for this age group!  Terrific!” 

—Bradley Elementary, 1st grade, Hands-on Mammals

“Wonderful job. I always learn something new when I come and the students have a blast!! Awesome information & goes with our curriculum perfectly!  Thank you!” —Berryton Elementary, 2nd grade, Fossil Fun

“This was the best presentation we’ve ever had. The instructor was very clear about the objectives. They were presented clearly for 2nd graders (that’s hard). She was knowledgeable about the subject (had depth). And she was upbeat and pleasant to listen to. Thank you for an excellent class. Everything was well prepared.” —Rushton Elementary, 2nd grade, Fossil Fun

“This was a fantastic program.  It was very informative plus it gave the kids just the right amount of hands-on opportunities.  The instructor was right on with our science curriculum. We loved it!” —Sunflower Elementary, 3rd grade, Hands-on Geology.

“Wonderful, informative and fun.” —Turner Middle School, 7th grade, DNA Discovery

“I love this class!  It is so closely aligned with our fossil unit in reading, so it really complements our curriculum.  I like that students are able to see and touch real fossils.  There is also a wealth of new info presented that the kids do not know about.” —Pawnee Elementary, 2nd grade, Fossil Fun

“I liked the way the program was adjusted for our class (multiplication to addition).  The hands on activities were great to explain the more complex concepts.” —William Allen White Elementary, 2nd grade, How Small is Small?

“Thank you for an excellent presentation!  The visuals and student activities were very meaningful.” —Prairie Trail Junior High, 8th grade, Rock Clocks

“Awesome!” —Sunflower Elementary, 3rd grade, Matter Matters

“Hands on activities were great!” —Wamego Middle School, 6th grade, Travel Guide to Space

“This was an excellent presentation with a wonderful opportunity for hands on activities.” —New York Elementary, 6th grade, Quarks: Ups, Downs and the Universe