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We will be distributing a limited number of free Science Kits for our Spring 2021 youth programs! The kits are not required to enjoy our online youth programs, but will provide all materials a child might need for doing our activities at home. Information on how you can pick up a kit for your household is below. Remember to mask up when you pick up your kit at the KU Natural History Museum. 


Science Kits - Saturday, April 10, 10am-2pm
This kit will provide materials for:

Story Book Science STEM Challenge: Cleaning Up an Oil Spill
Video premieres on Facebook on Wed., April 7 at 10am

Pop Up Science - The Water Cycle! 
Video premieres on Facebook on Sat., April 17 at 10am

Story Book Science STEM Challenge: Protecting Sea Turtle Nests 
Video premieres on Facebook on Wed., April 21 at 10am

We'll be distributing the free Science Kits outside the KU Natural History Museum at Dyche Hall on Saturday, April 10, 10am to 2pm, or until we run out. Our staff will be following COVID-19 recommended protocols, including wearing masks. We ask that participants picking up kits also follow protocols, including wearing masks when picking up kits. Households can get up to 2 kits total. We have drive-up and walk-up options:

Drive-up option:
Museum staff will direct you to pull your car up to a designated spot on Jayhawk Boulevard in front of the north entrance of the museum (closest to the KU Memorial Union). Then, they’ll give you a kit containing all materials needed for the designated programs. Our program videos remain online too, so if you can't follow along on the day of the event, you can still do science with us when it's convenient for your young scientist!

Walk-up option:
You can walk up to the museum to pick up a kit, too! Museum staff will direct you to the pick up location while maintaining a 6-foot distance between you and others.

Science Kit Pick Up Location and Other Information:

The KU Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum
Dyche Hall, 1345 Jayhawk Blvd., Lawrence, KS 66045
Phone number: 785-864-4173
Event calendar

We have a limited number of kits. A total of 60 kits are available and will be distributed first come, first served. 

If you are waiting for your kit and do not see a staff member, call 785-864-4173. 

A few kits have been set aside for individuals that are unable to collect kits at the museum. To request one of these kits be mailed to you, contact Colleen MacGilvray (

  • For April 10 Science Kits, please request by 5pm on Wednesday, April 7.

Kits will contain all materials you need for our activities, plus copies of our activity PDFs, which will also be available online. There will also be a link to a survey, which is optional. 

Kits previously distributed:

Science Kits - Saturday, March 21, 12pm-4pm
This event will provide kit materials for:
Discovery Day: Amazing Adaptations - Videos premiere on Facebook on Sun., March 28 from 10am-4pm
(1) Fly Eyes Model Glasses
(2) Clasp Like A Chameleon
(3) Act Like an Aye-Aye
(4) DIY Spraying Bombardier Beetle
(5) Make Your Own Magnification Tool
(6) Color Changing Chameleon
(7) Craft Your Own Lichen
8) Coelacanth Connect the Dots

Science Kits - Saturday, March 13, 10am-2pm 
This event will provide kit materials for:

Story Book Science STEM Challenge – Writing in a Nature Journal  - Video premieres on Facebook on Wed., March 10 at 10am
Pop Up Science – Bird Beaks! - Video premieres on Facebook on Sat., March 20 at 10am
Story Book Science STEM Challenge – Modeling Prickly Cactus Roots - Video premieres on Facebook on Wed., March 24 at 10am