How do I choose a roommate for a double room in the dormitory?
Everyone who registered for a dorm room should have received an e-mail message from Justine Hamilton ( on Monday, June 6th with information on selecting roommates for the dormitories. Please contact Justine if you did not receive this message. We will do our best to match everyone with mutual matches (regardless of gender).

What if I didn't sign up for dormitory when I registered but would like to stay there now?
We have reserved an entire dormitory for the conference, so plenty of availability remains. However, all dormitory rooms must be reserved at least one week prior to the start of the meeting (July 22 by 5:00 p.m. CST). Dormitory rooms will not be available for walk-ups. Because we have already sent out notices for room-mate preferences, we also may not be able to accommodate matches with preferred room-mates for late sign-ups. If you did not sign up for dormitory lodging at the time of registration you can still add a reservation to your registration by contacting the registration professionals available at (785) 864-5823 or toll free (877) 404-5823.

How do I know if my abstract has been accepted by the meeting?
You should have received a confirmation e-mail from the conference organizers in early June if your presentation has been accepted to the meeting.

How do I donate something to the silent or live auction?
The first step to making a donation is to e-mail the auction coordinator - Gregory Watkins-Colwell - to see if he is interested in the item(s) you're offering. If Greg is interested in the item(s) they can be mailed to the following address: Richard Glor, University of Kansas, Biodiversity Institute, 1345 Jayhawk Blvd., Lawrence, KS, 66045.

When is the deadline to submit presentations? Will the available presentation slots fill up?
Abstract submission is currently closed because all of the available presentation slots are full.

How do I contact the conference organizers?
The best way to reach the conference organizers is to send an e-mail to the main conference e-mail address:

Will the conference offer any on-site childcare services?
No, unfortunately the conference is not able to offer any on-site child care services.

Do I need to purchase picnic tickets in advance?
Yes, tickets for the picnic must be purchased at least one week prior to the start of the conference on July 28th. If you did not purchase a picnic ticket at the time of registration but would like to do so now, your best option is to call our registration professionals at (785) 864-5823 or toll free (877) 404-5823.

Can exhibitors participate in SSAR 2015?
The organizers of SSAR welcome exhibitors and vendors to our meeting. The exhibitor registration window is now closed. Exhibitor registration includes one regular conference registration that will permit access to all of the meeting’s venues, events, and associated amenities. Exhibitor registration also includes reserved display tables in the Kansas Union's centrally located Ballroom. Each exhibitor will be provided with six 6' x 30" tables in a U-shaped 12' x 12' configuration that offers 36 sq. ft. of table surface area in a total exhibitor  area of 144 sq. ft. The Kansas Union will host the vast majority of the meeting’s events, including all five concurrent sessions for oral presentations. The Ballroom is at the heart of all meeting activities and will also host the two afternoon poster sessions on Friday and Saturday. We expect high traffic in and around the Ballroom throughout the conference. Exhibitor set-up opportunities will be available on Thursday from 4-8PM and Friday from 7:30-9AM. Exhibitor tear-down can occur either Saturday 6-9PM or Sunday at 1PM. Please contact conference organizers via e-mail ( if you have any additional questions about exhibitor opportunities at SSAR 2015.

What if I am a presenter affiliated with the International Society for the History and Bibliography of Herpetology (ISHBH)?
The "history" category on the abstract submission site was included specifically for members of the ISHBH and other like-minded presenters. Selecting this option was one easy way to identify yourself as someone associated with ISHBH at SSAR 2015. All abstracts that select the "history" topic have been placed in a single session on the afternoon of the meetings final day (August 2nd) to accommodate those visitors who will be in town primarily for the ISHBH follow-up meeting.

How do I sign up for a field trip to the Fitch Reserve, KU Herpetology or Allen Press?
Reserving spots on field trips must be done at the time of registration or by calling our registration professionals at (785) 864-5823 or toll free (877) 404-5823. Many of the field trip options are now full. If you reserve a spot on a trip and later learn that you will not be able to attend please alert the registration professionals at (785) 864-5823 or toll free (877) 404-5823 as soon as possible so we can offer your spot to someone else.

I need to make changes to my submitted presentation, how do I do this?
We invite you to make minor alterations (grammatical corrections, typographical errors, a few word-choice changes) to presentations from Wednesday through Friday 15–17 July. It is your responsibility to correctly format your title for our program: only first letter of the first word in your title and genus names of study organisms should be capitalized. Minor changes to submissions can be made by logging into clicking on the "My Submissions" tab, selecting the presentation you would like to modify, and selecting the “Update information” option in the upper right corner of the browser window.

What are the rules for poster presentations?
Format and Display: The boards for pinning posters are horizontally oriented, 60”W x 40”H. All posters must be smaller than these dimensions. We will provide thumbtacks to pin posters to the boards. Use of tape or Velcro to secure posters is not permitted, as these damage our boards. Set Up and Tear Down: Posters need to be set up by the author or representative on the morning of each poster session, 7:30–9:00 am, Friday July 31st or Saturday August 1st. Please check the conference schedule to determine which of these two poster sessions you are assigned. Posters will remain up all day, and authors are expected to be present to present their posters during the Poster Session Reception, scheduled each day from 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Posters must be taken down at the close of each session to make room for the next day’s activities. Any posters remaining subsequent to the end of the Poster Session Reception at 6:30 pm will be removed by conference organizers. Thirty-eight student poster presentations will compete in three categories for this year’s SSAR’s Poster Competition (Hutchison award).

What are the rules for oral presentations?
Time Allotment & Scheduling: All regularly scheduled oral presentations consist of 12 minutes for authors to present their research, followed by 3 minutes for brief questions. The timing of all talks will be strictly enforced by session moderators. Please be respectful of other presenters by keeping your presentation within the designated time limits. Check the meeting schedule to verify the time and location of each talk. Submission: All oral presenters must submit any digital slides associated with their presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe PDF format to our staff AV specialists on a virus free thumb drive. The file name should consist of your last name followed by an underscore and your first name (e.g., Glor_Rich.pptx). Authors are responsible for bringing their presentation on a thumb drive with their appropriately named talk and must deliver this drive to our the AV specialist in the same room where their talk will occur. These files must be submitted over the breaks or lunch periods (note that early morning presenters will need to submit their talks at lunch the day before). All presentations will be from Dell desktop computers running the Windows 7 operating system. Use of personal laptops for projection will not be permitted. All presenters will be provided an opportunity to briefly preview their slides on the computer that will ultimately project their slides.

What should I wear to the conference?
Casual dress can be worn throughout the meeting, but you should consider a t-shirt with frogs on it or an aloha shirt if you really want to blend in.

What's the weather going to be like?
Mid-Summer is typically warm, sunny, and humid in Lawrence, KS. Average temperatures are in the high 80s, but days in the high 90s or 100s are not uncommon. Rain is sporadic during the Summer, but thunderstorms are a possibility.

What about tornadoes?
Tornados are a possibility in Lawrence during the Summer, but they are no more common there than they are in most other parts of the central and southern United States. Moreover, peak tornado season in Kansas is generally in April, May or June, with less activity in July and August.