Attractions & Special EventsOur schedule is packed with unique and exciting extracurricular activities.

University of Kansas Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Institute

The University of Kansas Natural History Museum is adjacent to the meeting venue and its public exhibits will be open regular hours throughout the meeting. The museum is also home to KU Herpetology. Guided tours of the KU Herpetological collections and newly renovated laboratories of the Biodiversity Institute will be offered on the morning of the meeting's first day (Thursday). Researchers interested in using the collections during their visit to Lawrence should contact collections staff well in advance of their visit via e-mail

Audiovisual Shows

Two newly revised audiovisual shows by David Dennis and Eric Juterbock on Amphibians of the Appalachians and Herpetologists Past and Present will feature new high definition imagery. Both shows will be projected sequentially on Friday and Sunday nights.

Silent and Live Auctions

Silent and Live Auctions will be held to benefit student travel funds. The live auction will be held in a lounge and adjacent banquet hall in the Oread Hotel. Thanks to contributions from numerous societies and individuals, the auctions will feature many unique items available for purchase. Please contact the conference organizers via e-mail if you would like to contribute items to the auctions.

Outdoor Picnic

The meeting will end with a picnic under tents on the lawn between the Kansas Union, the Natural History Museum and the KU Football Stadium. The price of admission will include buffet dinner and drinks.

Henry Fitch Reserve

Named for the KU herpetologist who conducted decades-long studies of the herpetofauna, the Reserve is only a short drive from campus. Guided tours will be offered at several points throughout the meeting.

Distinguished Senior Herpetologists

Historic Spooner Hall will host a reception honoring distinguished senior herpetologists, allowing students to interact personally with luminaries in the field.

The International Society for the History and Bibliography of Herpetology

A one-day mini-meeting after the main meeting that will include lectures, roundtable discussions, and rare book displays.

Live Animal Exhibit

Live animals representing the majority of Kansas' native reptile and amphibian diversity and obtained by members of the Kansas Herpetological Society will be on display at the Oread Hotel.

Leveraging Social Media to Improve the Reach of Your Research
Before your research can be cited, it must first be discovered and read. In this session, a representative from Allen Press’ Journal and Society Marketing department will explain a number of altmetrics that are gaining popularity, present case studies demonstrating the effects of promoting articles on various social media channels, provide an overview of the most popular social media channels, share best practices regarding types of content to post, frequency of posting, etc, and provide tips for communicating your research to the general media and non-scientists. This session is ideal for editors, associate editors, editorial board members, and authors.

Exploring Non-academic Careers in Herpetology

PARC will host a lunch time event that will provide students with an opportunity to learn about careers as amphibian and reptile professionals  working in zoos, veterinary practices, federal agencies such as USGS, USFWS, and USFS, Department of Defense, state fish and wildlife agencies, forest product industries, NGOs, and private consultants.

PARC/SSAR Workshop

SSAR and PARC will cosponsor a workshop to develop skills in distilling your message to the public presented by Christine O’Connell from the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. Registration to this event will be limited to SSAR or PARC invitees.

Allen Press Tours

The longtime printers of academic journals - including most major North American herpetology journals - is located in Lawrence. Tours will be offered by the publishers.

The Herpetological Quiz

Arranged by the graduate students at UT Arlington and KU, with prizes for winners.

SSAR Student Social

SSAR will host a reception with pizza and beverages for all student attendees in the Oread Hotel on Saturday night just prior to the live auction.


The city of Lawrence is home to dozens of shops, bars, and restaurants many of which are concentrated along Massachusetts Street in Downtown Lawrence.

Kansas City Metro

Kansas City is a major metropolis that is less than a one-hour drive from Lawrence. Attractions include the Nelson-Adkins Art Museum and the Plaza shopping district.