Hardy Lima trip 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My good fortune finally ran out. Up until Sunday evening I had experienced very little turbulence on this trip: the airplane flights were uneventful, in Lima I ate multiple things I probably shouldn’t have, they but didn’t cause any issues, I experienced maybe one mosquito bite, and I hadn’t suffered any physical injuries. Then Sunday night came, and I caught up on my suffering.

Most of us travelled by boat to Boca Miga, a small mining ‘town’, by ‘town’ I mean about three houses, six bars and a soccer field. We wandered around a bit before stopping in a bar to have some Coke and beer, our first cold drinks since the being home in the U.S. We ended up hanging out there for a while, chatting and dancing a bit. Prior to leaving for Boca Miga my stomach had felt a bit queasy, so I took some Immodium and carried on my merry way, not thinking much of it.  After the boat trip back to CICRA and eating dinner my stomach started turning and making some noises, but didn’t cause much of an issue. Later, during Doctor Goddard’s talk, my body decided it was time to throw a fit. I spent much of the rest of the night in the bathroom, making friends with the toilet and the insects normally kept at bay by my mosquito net in the pitch dark (the power goes out every night at 9:30). This was definitely an experience I will not soon forget.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I have been the only one so far to get the Full Peru experience.