Miao Honored For Authoring Works on Darwin for Chinese Audiences

Friday, February 13, 2015

Desui Miao, collection manager for vertebrate paleontology, has been keeping busy with translations of Darwin’s works and been honored for his contributions. 

His Chinese translation based on the 2nd edition of the Origin was selected by the Darwin scholars and readers in China as one of 108 "all-time must-read books.”  Also, "The illustrated edition of the Origin for young readers", a book he adopted from Darwin's original and illustrated by a well-known Chinese artist and published in early 2014, has been selected by 8 major Chinese newspapers at the turn of the year as one of the "best books of 2014 in China."

The Chinese government just announced the 30 best books of 2014, and "The illustrated edition of the Origin for young readers" is ranked #3 in the Children book category out of 6 total books. Additionally, he is finishing the manuscript on "An abridged bilingual edition of the Origin of Species," based on the first edition and catered toward undergraduate and grad students in earth and life sciences who want to read the Origin and study English. 
More information (in Chinese media reports) can be found here and here

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