Desui Miao and Colleagues Published in Scientific Reports

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Desui Miao, collection manager of vertebrate paleontology, and his colleagues, Feixian Wu, Mee-mann Chang, Gongle Shi, and Ning Wang have been published in Scientific Reports with an article titled, "Fossil Climbing Perch and Associated Plant Megafossils Indicate a Warm and Wet Central Tibet During the Late Oligocene." Their article provides a report on fossil biota with new insight on the Tibetan Plateau’s palaeogeography and palaeoenvironmemt, crucial information for understanding Asia’s climatic history. Miao and his co-authors' findings indicate a warm and humid environment in Tibet's past, which conflicts with previous reports of a “high and dry Tibet.” This research prompts re-evaluation of previous knowledge on this subject. Read the article here.

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Research News