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Our specimen-level data base can be searched and individual data-sets downloaded via the Specify Web Portal below.  If the portal doesn't load click here.

Our data is also provided to the external aggregators GBIFiDigBio,  and Discover Life.

Note that while our database contains over a million individually digitized specimens it represents less than a quarter of our physical holdings. It is particularly strong in World Apoidea, Nearctic and Neotropical Coleoptera, Nearctic Nepomorpha Great Plains Orthoptera and aquatic insects. Other important sections of the collection, such as the Mecoptera, are currently very poorly represented in the data base. If you cannot find the taxa or data you are looking for using the above links, please contact Zack Falin for assistance. 

We are compiling up-to-date, comprehensive lists of our taxonomic holdings independent of our specimen database and will provide links to them as major sections of the collection are completed. Likewise, we will also be providing an updated version of our type catalog here in the near future.  

Specify Web Portal