Research At the Biodiversity Institute, about 100 scientists and graduate students study the planet's species, ecosystems and past cultures. Their work is critical to understanding the diversity of life and for predicting the future: changes in populations, threatened species, the spread of disease and the influence of pest species.

Software for Biological Collections photo

Software for Biological Collections

The Department of Informatics is a multi-disciplinary unit of biologists and software engineers which develops and supports software for biological collections research, including Specify and Lifemapper

T-Rex illustration

Predatory Behavior of T. Rex

In a paper published in the journal PNAS, the tooth crown embedded in a hadrosaurid caudal centrum provides direct evidence of predatory behavior by Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Last Day in the Mountains photo

Last Day in the Mountains

I had one last look at the mountains as we turned the van around and retreated down the muddy road.  Over the last 48 hours Dr. Tess Sanguila and I drove back and forth along the north coast of Mindanao...

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Graduate Education

The Biodiversity Institute is one of the leading organizations in the United States training the next generation of biodiversity scientists and evolutionary biologists.