Ornithology Research Yelchk Parrolet phototakes a very broad approach to understanding bird diversity: we combine studies of phylogeny and phylogeography with avifaunal inventories and basic descriptions of bird diversity. Our research interests include pathogens (viruses, blood parasites, etc.) associated with birds, studies of species’ geographic and ecological distributions, and conservation biology related to bird diversity.​


Rob Moyle Lab

Foci: Systematics, Genomics, Population Genetics, and Biogeography of avian systems in SE Asia and the tropical Pacific

Ornithology Expeditions

The Ornithology Collection continues to grow thanks to the tireless efforts of the division's curators, students and collaborators. Explore our maps of past expeditions from 1992 until 2012, from the Philippines to Vietnam, Peru to Mexico, and beyond.

Town Peterson Lab

Foci: Systematics, Distributional Ecology, Historical Biogeography, and Disease Transmission