Pop Up Science!

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Join us on our Facebook page for Pop Up Science! This fun series engages younger audiences (and those young at heart) every month with hands-on activities and science facts.  One Saturday morning each month, the KU Natural History Museum's Outreach & Engagement Coordinator, Eleanor Gardner, presents a video on a different science theme. We hope you'll join us!

NEW - Please note: After the June 2021 episode, Pop Up Science programming is being paused while museum staff prepare for in-person events at the museum. Please check our Calendar of Events for the latest museum programs and events!


Fossil Shark Teeth - originally presented June 19
Activity PDF
Aurora Fossil Shark Teeth ID Guide


Symmetry in the Natural World - originally presented May 15
Activities - Exploring Symmetry & Creating Symmetrical Sun Prints


The Water Cycle - originally presented April 17
Activity - Groundwater filtration model

Bird Beads - originally presented March 20
Activity - Bird beak adaptations model

Investigating Ice - originally presented February 20
Activities - Instant Ice & Pouring an Ice Stalagmite


Weather - originally presented November 21
Activity 1 - Make Your Own Barometer
Activity 2 - DIY Liquid-filled Thermometer
Activity 3 - Make a Cup Anemometer


Radioactivity - originally presented October 17
Radioactive Decay activity guide


Reptiles - originally presented September 12
Exploring Ectothermy activity guide


Paper Chromatography - originally presented August 8
Paper Chromatography activity guide


Sound Science - originally presented July 18
Activity 1 - Experimenting with Sound Waves
Activity 2 - Water Glass Xylophone
Activity 3 - Straw Pan Flute


Food Web Fun - originally presented June 13
Activity Guide


Rocks & Minerals - originally presented May 23
Activity Guide


DNA Day - originally presented April 25
Activity Guide