Pop Up Science!


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Join us on our Facebook page for Pop Up Science! This fun series engages younger audiences (and those young at heart) every month with hands-on activities and science facts.  One Saturday morning each month, the KU Natural History Museum's Outreach & Engagement Coordinator, Eleanor Gardner, presents a video on a different science theme. We hope you'll join us!

All events are held on our Facebook page unless otherwise noted. 

Sat., June 19 - Fossil Shark Teeth!
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Join us on June 19th at 10am for a very special Pop Up Science episode all about fossil shark teeth! We'll learn how to identify fossilized shark teeth that date from about 15 to 5 million years old, including teeth of the famous C. megalodon shark! Meet a special guest from the Aurora Fossil Museum in North Carolina and learn why the rock layers there contain so many fossil shark teeth. Eleanor will also compare and contrast the fossils from Aurora with those you can find in eastern Kansas.

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Symmetry in the Natural World - originally presented May 15

Activities - Exploring Symmetry & Creating Symmetrical Sun Prints


The Water Cycle - originally presented April 17
Activity - Groundwater filtration model

Bird Beads - originally presented March 20
Activity - Bird beak adaptations model

Investigating Ice - originally presented February 20
Activities - Instant Ice & Pouring an Ice Stalagmite


Weather - originally presented November 21
Activity 1 - Make Your Own Barometer
Activity 2 - DIY Liquid-filled Thermometer
Activity 3 - Make a Cup Anemometer


Radioactivity - originally presented October 17
Radioactive Decay activity guide


Reptiles - originally presented September 12
Exploring Ectothermy activity guide


Paper Chromatography - originally presented August 8
Paper Chromatography activity guide


Sound Science - originally presented July 18
Activity 1 - Experimenting with Sound Waves
Activity 2 - Water Glass Xylophone
Activity 3 - Straw Pan Flute


Food Web Fun - originally presented June 13
Activity Guide


Rocks & Minerals - originally presented May 23
Activity Guide


DNA Day - originally presented April 25
Activity Guide